Nitrome are back with once again a nice casual game with polished graphics and a little bit more of gameplay, like other simple casual games have. In Rouble Trouble you have to destroy. Yay. Destroy buildings for your boss. Every tiny bit you destroy will get you a little bit more money. The nice thing is, that this game do not rely on one (simple) game-mechanic, but every of the first level introduce new “weapons of chioce”. There is a bit of stories involved, adding to making this a nice casual for the meantime. Only the music is really annoying. I also think that the game is a little bit too easy – it should get challenging much more faster. (via)

Blog, Games - Date published: February 7, 2010 | 1 Comment

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  1. max said:

    this game is supercool, alomost through with it!!