Beautiful illustration and videoworks from Aubo Lessi. The Polish artist began with illustration and selfmade videoclips for music, i.e. inofficial works for Autechre. With matured skills he is now responsible for some very skilled videoworks he does for indietronic and post-rock bands. Some of them you can watch here.

Stwory – Hoss (Video: Aubo Lessi)

Aubo Lessi uses various techniques like blurred and post-processed videomaterial or computer-generated animations. The works have a unique visual quality with a good sense for form, composition and dramaturgy. The videomaterial can be considered abstract but uniquely fitting with the sound. A fine tradition in making videoclips, with Aubo Lessi at a high plateau.

C.H. District – Contrust (Video: Aubo Lessi)

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