Finally the day has come, where we can buy tap-water in bottles! BoingBoing reports, there is a new company from New York, that sells “Tap’dNY“. Now here comes the logic, so be attentive: The tapped Water in bottles is somehow a counterproduct to all this fancy waters, that are over the place, try to sells us water, that comes from far away, causing damages to environment, while taking long travels etc. We don’t really need this, the water from the tap is far enough, but now you can buy it even in bottles. The official manifesto goes like this:

“Year after year, bottled water companies have told us that their water was somehow healthier or better for us than our own water. They spent billions of dollars on marketing to make us believe that we needed exotic water, in sleek packaging, from far away Arctic glaciers, tropical islands, and European volcanoes.”

To complete the logic, I want to quote one of the commenters at BoingBoing:

“There’s a theory that NYC pizza, bagels, etc. have their unique, flavorful, airy kickass-ness because of the NYC tap water. Guess we can use these bottles to test that theory out.”

Circle closed. So please can we import this water to Europe?

Blog - Date published: September 14, 2008 | 2 Comments

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  1. Aurélien said:

    sure i can send u mine from Paris ;)

  2. paris said:

    as others pointed out – nyc tap water comes from the lakes several hours north of the city. it starts as pretty good stuff but in the end depends on your water pipes as to what you actually get ;-)