Gesundheit ingame-graphics

Get down, game developers… Here comes Matt Hammill. I don’t know if you know him already, but he went straight into my heart as I saw the first sketches of the game Gesundheit, that is so beautiful and original. The kid-book illustrator used hand-drawn methods to make the graphics for the game – even the in-game graphics. On top here served a very cute soundtrack, where he played all this kids instruments like recorder, xylophone, small drums, guitar, voice, etc. It sounds like in a kids music workshop and almost no tones really fit. Very mad and very lovely. You can download it here (and from my own experience I can say, that people will look very surprised if you load and listen to this stuff on your iPod. No really, I mean this serious) or jump to the MySpace of the soundtrack.

The good news is, that Matt wrote about the making of Gesundheit at the Game Developer Career Guide. The game grown out as a student project from illustration class. And did you know, he used the Adventure Game Studio for creating this. Here you can learn to think different! Don’t forget to sometimes ask people that do not come from the gaming scene to help out on a game.

Tigsource digged some extra-loveliness and detected early, unfinished, unreleased works from Matt. Get your cuddle here.



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