Phlow-Magazine, our beloved outpost to free Creative-Commons licensed music from the netlabel scene, went one year on Sunday! Phlow writes regularly reviews upon netlabel-releases, and I do also contribute from time to time. The website is run by Moritz – mo. – Sauer, who keeps on caring for netmusic for several years now. The Phlow-Magazine is somehow the spinoff of the German blog, that mo. writes for several years now (and I also contributed lots to it).

The photograph was taken not far away from my apartment, but also a long time ago.

Since the start of the Phlow-Magazine the figures developed well, we almost got 1000 RSS-readers over the last 12 months. Okay, the numbers stuck at about 900, but we are confident to crack the magic one thousand still this year. Read more about it here. Mo. put a compilation out to celebrate the first birthday. Check it out.

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  1. mo. said:

    thanks for re-posting our news! glad you are on board, but you know that for sure! greets from the other side of the town, mo.