The reactions to this game “Robot Unicorn Attack” maybe diffrent, but it somehow feels like a unique gaming experience. A little bit like a jazzed up Canabalt on steroids. Music, colors, dynamic and the more spacial leveldesign (compared to Canabalt) absolutely support the experience. (via)

Update: I sometimes experience problems with the controls ingame. Sometimes unicorn jumps, sometimes not. Then it was “y” instead of “z” doing the jump. Does anyone having the same problems? Please fix that!

Blog, Games - Date published: March 18, 2010 | 4 Comments

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  1. max said:

    the y/z confusion seems to be an effect onny with qwertz-keyboards…
    nice game, love the DASH-option!!

  2. 020200 said:

    Well, unfortunately I didn’t had confusion, but really a malfunction. Also not always. Strange bug… Anyway great game. How are things, max? ;)

  3. max said:

    BUSY BUSY! did you know i also VJ? our teams name is frischvergiftung. maybe because of my regular visits to digital tools, i have this pixelstyle phase of my works right now hehe. had to think of you and rendered some liv-parts. uploaded it to my server. check:
    btw, were in cologne for a show on march 7th!

  4. 020200 said:

    Nice work. The next time, please drop me a line if you are in Cologne… ;)