The Love-Toolbox

Love – an indie online multiplayer-game, that look absolutely cool! “Love” created something, I am still speechless about. It fits a style, I never seen before anywhere. Feels a little bit like walking through an impressionist-painting, with little dashes of magic runes, Myth and something like Monkey Island. The online-multiplayergame got also something more interesting. Beeing indie, resources are limited. You pay 10 Euros in advance for one month of play – but only a limited number of players is allowed to play the game. The world is constantly changing, though the building abilities from the players. Looks like a very interesting project, we should keep an eye on it. There is a fantastic widescreen introduction video available.

The reasoning about the business model also absolutely makes sense to me. I meanwhile see it like Eskil Steenberg (Quelsolaar) and really hope to see the death of the “low-end ad-market” soon, that makes you drive millions of page impressions on crappy websites – just to get half of you living cost. Quality is not about cent-money. Quality is here to stay.

(via tigsource)

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