A new artwork collective from Berlin has been established. It is called Pundo3000. Don’t confuse it with our very similar named, constantly improving node3000-network!


First things first: What I like about the works from Pundo3000 is the ability that so many “artists” simply forget about. First, the ability to make people laugh. Second, the ability to make people think. The works are mostly in German and sometimes really absurd, dealing with media, mass media, advertisement and the market.

In their recent work they began auctioning pictures of their unborn child, that was on its way. They just wanted to see, if people are willing to pay for the first pictures of their son, especially because prominent people are sometimes getting thousands and millions of money, just for the first pictures of their childs. The question is: How much is a child worth? They made 2360,00 Euro by the way.

Similar offensive, but far more funny is their work in “Advertisement versus Reality“. The thing is easy, but very effective. They bought lots of products, mostly convenience and instant food. Then they made it fresh and took pictures of the food. And compared it to the food on the packaging. The result is how you expect it to be. But it is really interesting to experience the difference. Packaging – an art for itself.


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  1. Max said:

    The return of Serviervorschlag!