Wei-Chieh Shih jazzed it up!



Disco is dead, huh? Let’s reanimate it with opulent laser-suites like that. Artist Wei-Chieh Shih works with lasers and integrates them in clothes and form with that directly laser-interacting situations. At this design, the “stage suit” he choosed to combine 200 laser diodes and nylon fabric to build a “stage suit”. (via)

Innovation in laser is still about to happen. Creative research in this area slept for decades. I can tell you that, because I was lately slightly involved into an own laser-project at the FeD e.V / Voidspace Hackerspace. Stories of the laser as “failed future” were arising. We tried to step one step back to give it artistic purpose again. And suites like that are definitely a step into the right direction of Laserism at the present and future.

Blog - Date published: May 8, 2010 | 1 Comment

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  1. Yeah. And +1 for neoprene jackets. Where are they now?