At Post Spectacular I found the link to an interesting work of computer generated art. Stephen McLaughlin and Jim Carpenter edited a huge fake book. The pdf-file consist of 3785 pages full of poems, that were made by computer, but credits are given to real poem authors. I don’t know if ever a real book was made, but imagine… over 3700 (or 1850) pages! What a big pile of paper.


The computer generated poems itself look good. They feel somehow natural – like poems. I can’t say anything about the artistic quality itself, because I am really not into the art of poems and never was. But the fact that 3700 poems, from authors I never heard of, just come into one book, would really make me suspicious. The cover of the book is labeled “Issue1″. So are the guys planning another one?

You can download the book here, or directly as pdf.

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