Yesterday I found this video of a 3D-sketching system research. Is it good or not? It could be one of this “research studies” that are fine on the first view, but not suitable to the everyday use. On the other hand does this system really look promising. Drawing and editing is really pure, fluid and you work always on the canvas – a little like working with pen and paper. The study was made by a research group of the Dynamic Graphics Project at the University of Toronto.

Blog - Date published: October 13, 2008 | 2 Comments

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  1. James said:
    Check Teddy out

  2. max said:

    ah i remember teddy! fun little tool.
    ilovesketch looks great too, though it would have been inetresing how it applies the surfaces at a later stage. but that stage is probably supposed to be done in a “real” 3d prog like maya or max eh?