Videotext got 30 today! One of the oldest “interactive” media, that is still in use today. And I absolutely love the technology behind the videotext. Small pieces of informations are send on “pages” inbetween the TV-signal. One page at a time. Every page got its own number. You can use the remote control to reference and open a page. A little bit like the internet in small – absolutely lightweight. The next thing, that is so cool about videotext, are the strong colors. And also that somehow “ASCII-like” pixelart, that you can see from time to time. I often thought about acquiring a job as a Videotext-editor, with the purpose to life the quality of the pixelgraphics in the Videotext. If you can offer me a job like this, feel free to contact me!!

Das Erste got a special feature about the videotext, also showing some oddities.

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