Lego is one of the most simple, but also most re-usable toy, that has friends among all ages. This week I found two two very interesting projects from literally grown-ups, that still are very passionate about those colored plastic-bricks.


E-Klocki is a weblog, completely dedicated to Lego. “Klocki” is the Polish word for “Brick”. And they do claim their passion: “Lego Bricks for Adults”. The designs they feature in the blog are very advanced, both in the choice of bricks, techniques, topics, as well as the colorful and architectural choices they made. The really developed their own style and sometimes I have to think on eBoy when looking at their work. This is where you can get, if you live your passion upon just one thing.

Some fresh designs from

People still having fun playing with those colorful bricks, no matter if young or old. Sometimes the amount of bricks and colors is just impressing. Sydney Architecture Studio “Super Colossal” reported about The City of the Future, a huge city model at the Sydney Architecture Festival. It was something like a “city model to work on, play with and modify”, made of thousands of mesmerizing Lego bricks. No wonder, that it had the power to attract the people.

“The City of the Future” at the Sydney Architecture Festival 2008.

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