Goto80 is keep on doing really strange stuff with electronics, especially old computers and customized software. This work is a “Re-destruction of the Dutch national anthem”, he wanted to perform at Hacking at Random 2009. It was somehow dedicated to the Bits of Freedom, the civil rights organization from the Netherlands. Goto80 point out in his blog about this piece:

Unfortunately I got sick and couldn’t attend, but this is the video of the rehearsal. The software is Defmon, and you can’t copy it. Not so much improvisation in this one, except for the trashy solo at the end, but I’ll post more of those things later on.

I do not want to rate the music, because anthems in any or another way are always a little bit of hardcore. But Goto80 understands to mix a dark and gloomy atmosphere, with extraordinary “hacker moods” and very exotic software and processes. The whole thing just looks, if it wants to explode the next second.

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