I’m not the biggest fan of “old tunes on new instruments” in general. But this “unplugged version” from a Last Ninja tune is so very great and relaxing, making it a brilliant summer tune as well!! (via Superlevel, maYO)

UPDATE: Thanks Sylvain! I listened to more from the music of “mymorningjackets” on YouTube. They are all great, without any doubt. Here are two more examples:

Sonic the Hedgehoc in… Flamenco!

Turrican, very close to the original theme!

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  1. sylvainulg said:

    *HUGE* thanks. Despite I’m playing guitar and even recording my own 8-bit classical guitar arrangement on youtube, I didn’t know mymorningjackets’ channel. The whole collection is amazing. Sounds like I’m going to go for some convert-and-burn evenings :P

  2. maYO said:

    Hey, thanks for linking back to me. Didn’t take the time yet to hear the rest of the guys music. Guess I’ll do that now.

  3. 020200 said:

    Uh yeah! Good idea. Hm, I think, this is a small conversation now, isn’t it?

    Thank you two guys for digging this cool stuff!