Visit this article, to learn about good old “Color-Cycling”, that old Amiga-users used to enjoy. Some details of this example:

Those of you familiar with color cycling may notice something a little “different” about the palette animation in this engine. Many years ago I had an idea to improve color cycling by “fading” colors into each other as they shifted, to produce many “in between” frames, while preserving the overall “speed” of the cycling effect. This creates a much smoother apparance, and gives the illusion of more colors in the scene. I call this technique BlendShift Cycling. Someone may have invented this before me, but I’ve certainly never seen it used.

Source-Code of the example is provided. The works there are also about “achieving more with less”.

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  2. max said:

    wie geil! hab schon einige screencaptures gemacht, das verwende ich in unsern visuals!!

  3. HTML5 canvas said:

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