Did you already seen this? The Unfinished Swan is an upcoming title for the Wii probably XBox (see update below) . The world is pure black and white. You make use of your weapon, that is some kind of “paintball-device” right in the opposite color of the world you poke in. You have find your way through the maze by coloring the walls of the – at first – invisible walls. This is a clever use of textures, isn’t it?

It fits into our series of games, that focus on gameplay, rather than being eye-candy at the first place, although almost all of this games are also visually appealing, just because of the lack of colors. For example check Echochrome or the Otawa Ascii-Game.

Update: The game is currently being prototyped on the XNA, so it is very likely, that this game will be released on the XBox. I also found the currently official webpage. The author Ian Dallas is also keeps on blogging about his process. Thanks to Frank for the advice!

Blog - Date published: November 4, 2008 | 1 Comment

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  1. Frank said:

    Thanks for the hint, that sounds like a fantastic concept. I think there is a little mistake in your description: The game’s being developed on XDN, therefore I think its platform is the XBOX 360 instead of the Wii.