Dominic Szablewski is currently working on a very cool project, called the “Impact Game Engine“. It’s a JavaScript/HTML5 game-engine, that is ready for browser-based webgames. But he took the project one step further: Dominic wrote a API-wrapper for the Apple iOS, that is able to run the same code, that works on browers, in the native iOS, completely bypassing the UIWebView / Safari iDevice browser: “All the necessary calls to the Canvas API have been reimplemented with OpenGL-ES and the touch input is passed over to JavaScript to be evaluated by the engine.

Here is an example of the game Biolab Disaster. It is just the same code, that runs in the browser:

Let’s wait and see, what Apple will say to this approach! (via, via)

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  1. ImpactJS is pure awesomeness. It’s commercial though, but I think the level editor alone is totally worth the 99$.

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