Oh, what a great game! Rock Boshers has everything, that you eventually miss on modern games: a slowly unfolding story, easy controls, fine graphics (if you love pixel) and a very charming retro spectrum ZX style. I don’t know exactly why, but the game hooked me from the very first second.


The loader of the game simulates an original “Tape loader” of the Spectrum ZX. You need to wait over five minutes to load the game (or just skip it with the “turboloader”). The game was originally made for the Tigsource Demake Competition (Tigsource currently down, why?). But in order to enhance the programming skills with Gamemaker, the developer Dugan/Mooloo decided to further develop the game and make it grow. If future games turn out like this, than we have much fun to expect.

About the story I quote from Indiegames:

The story is about a gentleman who was lured to work at a distant red planet in our solar system with promises of untold riches, only to end up being enslaved by the evil empire which offered the jobs in the first place. With the help of other miners caught in the same fate, he sets out to overthrow his captors and free the others from a life of servitude and injustice.

Well, excuse me now. I’ve got to play Rock Boshers again. Anything else? Ah, sure. The download, click here.




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  1. I love it! Very cute.

  2. dugan said:

    hey – all new version of the game now available here