Luckily I was having the chance to beta-test Krystian Majewskis indie-masterpiece TRAUMA. Everyone can cheer for the day, that game finally will come out. I won’t spoil you, but this game got its very own language, rhythm and what surprised me most, is also addictive, because of the dense atmosphere to literally fall into. The riddles are so basic and good, do not need words. Finally you find yourself playing at a meta-layer – that is disconnected from everything else: the cut-scenes, the game-play itself. Hard to describe that. I can agree with the review of Katharina Tillmanns from the Cologne Game Lab: “Having said this, I have to get back to testing – for therapeutical breakthrough I might have to play TRAUMA over and over again.

Hand out a price to this man finally… ;)

And here is the trailer again:

PS: You can follow the last steps of Krystian’s progress of TRAUMA at his (always worth reading) scrapbook-blog. Get the letest news there!

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