From left to right: Büro Destruct Designer, Calcopac, Gravity Lander

The site “Theoriehaus” freshly released an interview with Lopetz from Büro Destruct. They talk about the three iPhone apps, Büro Destruct released within the last 12 months: Büro Destruct Designer, Calcopac, Gravity Lander. The interview is about the idea, history and design decisions of the apps. They also talk about game culture and the Apple app store. Go and read it here.

Blog - Date published: February 25, 2011 | 1 Comment

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  1. a commentator said:

    All’s fantastic but… Why only for the iphone ?
    I know Apple is a very important actor in the designer world but… in fact it is not th only one, so why to focus on a single platform ? Cause it’s not only a platform, it’s a whole product-interface-system-way-of-use-and-live line vision… So Why this single point of view ?
    I know it’s easier to work in a single way (it was the same case when IE was on 90% marketshare… and you know why it wasn’t good)
    I know now why Apple unauthorize Flash on its platform… Flash is for the web and everyone, Iphone Apps is for Apple and Apple’s customers.
    Is it good for a design act ? I’m not sure.