Gamestorm: Sketch from Erik Svedäng.

Gamestorm is a cool project from Chevy Ray Johnston. It’s a tumbleblog: a collection on doodles, sketches and scrap-paper designs from game designers all over the world. We all know, that is lots and lots of work to make a game, but game-ideas often come surprisingly. So sketching them up is a viable method that is highly recommend to remember and discuss them as well. The site is also some sort of museum and source of inspiration as well. Just check it out! (via)

Blog - Date published: March 15, 2011 | 1 Comment

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  1. Thai Bui said:

    This is a great site for me to get inspired. I’m developing a HTML5 game with ImpactJS and I love to see though processes of game designers. I was a little afraid about publishing my sketches before I release anything but now that I see other designers do it, I shouldn’t be.