A nice mixture of music and puzzlegame is Auditorium. Your goal is to “put on” audio-engines by throwing particles on it. The more particles it receives, the louder the sound will get. If all audio-engines are on, the level is won. On later levels more engines will appear and also more “particle modifiers” and the particle steam will have a more complex route to pass. Unfortunately, at least on my computer, the CPU usage really got high at higher levels. A non glossy cpu-friendly version of this game, a lot more trickier, with better puzzles and a more fun gameplay, could make this a much much better game. You can set the flash-player into the “low-quality” the optimize to performance a little bit. I also think that the the particle-stream without the glow-effect is pure and intense, beginning to melt the sensitive motion and the music into a good flow.

Thanks Frank for the tip!

Blog - Date published: December 28, 2008 | 4 Comments

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  1. max said:


  2. I’m quite surprised that the game got spread so widely. From a programming point of view a very simple game. Gameplay-wise it also doesn’t quite offer any revelations. It just shows how far you will get with a consistent high quality audio/visual style. Game Designers often have a technical background and lack sensibility for that.

  3. paris said:

    i really like the concept here – would be fun to develop more games like this!

  4. music said:

    Nice sound….
    “Music and puzzle-game”