Just in case you missed the beta of the game FRACT: just don’t miss it. FRACT is a somehow abstract adventure game, that plays in a virtual world, reminding of TRON or something like The Sentinel, Rez or Darwinia. It is not only the look, but excellence also comes from the sound-design. Extremely well made sounds totally support the games experience. (The game was selected as one of the Independent Games Festival student showcase winners as well.)

For my opinion the riddles are a little too abstract, but walking through this designed landscape alone is worth the try. The beta is available for download the the FRACT website, is available for Mac or PC (and is about 170 Megabytes, just in case you ask). The game was made by Richard E. Flanagan, linger in his portfolio as well!! (via)

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  1. […] Lately there was “Trip” coming around the corner. It is an audio-visual experiment made with Unity, that looks like a psychedelic game at the first glance – but that does not have any gameplay at all. Except wandering around and exploring this strange colorful world. And you can collect items. It is more like a 3d-exploration artwork, than really a game. An interesting work and a direction of making artworks, that really can be explored much more. With all this colors and things circling around “Notgames“. Some will remember Trip on the game Fract. […]