Nintendo DS Touchscreen

Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: Levelediting on the Nintendo DS
Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: Levelediting on the Nintendo DS

Nice links and posts along the way. Critical Gaming Network wrote a short feature upon level-editors on the Nintendo DS. They praise the freedom, that the touchscreen brings, compared to making and editing levels with plain buttons. Word!

Editing terrain is like painting. Positioning units/players/enemies only requires a drag and drop. After designing levels for the original Advance Wars on the GBA, I’ve found the touch screen controls to be absolutely liberating.

Microsoft Kodu (formerly Boku)

At the CES 2009 Microsoft presented Kodu, a new interactive 3-D modelling tool to create, edit and modify 3-dimensional worlds. Kodu is meant as a teaching tool for kids, to learn game design concepts. It can be loaded straight to the Xbox 360 via the Community Games Channel. So it is not exactly a game, but as you can imagine, Microsoft wants a new generation of young people to grow up on Microsoft.

This whole thing just feels so… Microsoft. And I don’t know how many people now have to think of the way of editing things at little big planet. I highly recommend to read this excellent article about Kodu on Create Digital Motion. No real questions open after that.

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