In the Top 20 of the Wikio UK Gaming Blogcharts Digital Tools made it up again to place 15! We love you for that!! If you have interesting content, that should be featured on this blog, don’t hesitate to write me an email!

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And here are the charts:

1 VG247
2 The Guardian – The Gamesblog
3 Computer And Video Games
4 TheSixthAxis
5 Dealspwn
6 Middle East Gamers
7 gamrFeed
8 PS3 Attitude
9 Mainly About Games
10 The Average Gamer
11 Critical Hits
12 WireNinja
13 Xbox-Scene News
14 Cliffski’s Blog
15 Digital Tools
16 Critical Gamer
17 Sketchtasticness
18 Satan
19 Gaming Daily – a pc gaming blog
20 The Saturn Junkyard

Ranking made by Wikio

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