The Evoke2011 is done and it was once again really much fun! There were lots of wild-compo contributions and the party itself with greate music by DJ Storno and others worth highlighting. Here are some of the demo-contributions:

virta by Brainstorm & Ümlaüt Design & Traction

RED by BluFlame | 4k

Beta by Still

Azathioprine by Alcatraz | WebGL

Recycle 4000 by Alcatraz & Stroboholics | 4k

artificial incident by Still | 4k

S.P.H.E.A.R by Loonies | 1k

Do not forget to save! by Educated Bastards

core25k by Titan | 64k

When by TGGC

Evoke 2011 – Alt. Platform Compo – Earworm (GAME!)

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