Ok, I am not the type of guy, who worship packaging design and things like that. For sure, sometimes packaging does make a difference. For exmple this here: it seems that it is mostly meant as a joke. The lunchboxes by Emma Smart replace necessity by fun. Simply by coloring the inside of lunch-to-go-boxes with printed dinnerware.




Wouldn’t it be great to take this concept further? There should be much more products with fun inside. We could definine a new relationship between packaging, product and the space between them. Most packaging makes the product be, leaving the newness intact and protecting it from harm. But what if the packaging would get a whole new meaning in the process. Adding fun and added value by setting the customer into action. For example by play or experiment. You can build a WiFi-antenna out of a pizza-box. I am sure, many readers will remember the Yps-Magazine.

via Yanko

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