Make Pixel Art is a very promising-looking online-pixeleditor that is currently in its beta-testing-phase. It has got not only a very neat look and feel, but also very concise designed features. There is for example a “shop”, where you can browse artworks of other people in order to paste it into your own artworks. Or a “cube-tool”, that lets you draw lines, that suit isometric-look of pixelart. There is also a version planned for iPad. Really, really promising looking project!

PS: You can get to the beta at the moment at

Blog - Date published: October 11, 2011 | 1 Comment

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  1. Dogs said:

    How many more pixel editors does iOS need?

    Seems completely ridiculous when OS X is completely parched for them. All we have is Pixen which is so crashy it’s not worth using and Grafx2 which is just weird.