Techno-artist Cie (Broque) spent several weeks of his sparetime on a nice plugin for Renoise that enables pretty decent step-sequencing for live-acts. At a jam-session Cie figured out, that just playing pre-produced sequences isn’t that much fun and he searched ways to get more direct input-possibilities. It is initially design for use with the Novation Launchpad.

Having fun with the Lauflicht Step-Sequencer

The result it this plugin for Renoise. With the Lauflicht you can trigger single steps within the different channels. Some of the highlights include: 8, 16 or 32 steps, unlimited tracks, unlimited patterns, set up for each track a sample, sample bank, a vst instrument or a Midi instrument of your choice. Set for each step: velocity, delay, note values including “note OFF”, note length. Chord mode: insert up to 3 notes in one track and much more.

PS: Cie told me, that he used the Lua-language to make the plugin.
PPS: For those who wants to know. Cie also made some other cool code several weeks ago. He wrote a “Discography-plugin” for Facebook, called “Discoggy“. Read more about it at the Renoise-forum.

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