The app ZX Plectrum is a simple digital-noise-generator instrument with just a limited functionality. In a retro Spectrum-ZX-style tones and visual bar-gliches are made, if the user touches the iPad-screen. It’s really just that. Not a very interesting app – I thought at first. But the longer I think about this app, the better I like the idea. It’s just about this – a really simple app, to turn the iPad into a more or less useless noise generator with just a single function. Reduced to the limit of usefulness.

The ZX Plectrum is made by Dave Sapien and his website revels just another interesting app: Paint Sapien. Also a more or less simple app. With this drawing tool the user can “wet-paint” with colors, brushes and simple filters. The interesting detail is, that the iPad2-camera enables some sort of “pressure-sensitive” drawing on the iPad, like tablets do.

Both are simple and interesting works. I wonder what Dave Sapien will come up next with.

(ZX Plectrum app via wire to the ear)

Blog - Date published: December 2, 2011 | 1 Comment

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  1. @PaintSapien said:

    020200 Thanks for the review! Lovin your icon!