Make Pixel Art Tool Editor

In case you missed the Make Pixel Art tool, listen up. It is one of the more interesting pixel-tools, that is somehow available for a variety of platforms. And it has a sort of innovative concept as well. Make Pixel Art is basically a pixel-editor with 3 editing-layers, a bunch of pixel-tools like draw pixels, lines, circles etc. There are more special tools, like “isometric drawing” or “lighten or darken colors“. But maybe the most interesting feature of Make Pixel Art is the embedded shop-concept. You can save, share, download and use your own creations or download and use some “pixel-packs” that other artist made for sharing. The UI of the tool gets you instantly in a blocky retro-mode. Well made. At the same time really Make Pixel Art is available at an affordable price (AppStore-Link). Just go for it!

PS: If you are in editing pixels, you will love to have a look at my own iPhone pixel-editor HiScore.

Blog - Date published: April 1, 2012 | 0 Comments

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