Lately I fell into an (unfortunately) small, but interesting sort-of shooter game. Nanosmiles, developed by Dong, an Indie-developer from Japan, is a shooter with a dash of originality. Not only the setting of this game is a somehow organic micro-biological nature, but also the game mechanics are in some way. The “ship” you control, is not able to shoot, but you must collect and activate “drones” that do the job for you an enemies you point at. If one of your drones is hit, you if turns black, and you have to reactive it by touching it. So while the action is at hand, you do not focus on targeting the enemies, but on caring, collecting and re-activating of your drones, while setting the focus for them. Nanosmiles does this all in such a pleasant fluid way, that I missed the game after I went through all the levels.

The soundtrack of the game is completely available on my favourite netlabel ii-music. It is solid, not euphoric and released on the PLUS-section of the ii-netlabel. In PLUS ii-music they focuses on music and soundtracks for indie-games. A really good idea! I think Doug not only made the game, but the soundtrack, too.

Nanosmiles: Gameplay-Video

Note: This week I got addicted to another shooter, called the White Butterfly. Hard and addictive like hell.

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