By coincidence I found this neat tool called Fugu, that uses Lua to generate 3D-forms. The tools seems very straightforward: After download the small IDE you directly have a short tutorial and hands-on on your screen. After a small research, I figured out, that this project is currently alpha and discontinued. In the end it is open-source and the project-founders would be happy, if there would be someone to take this project further.

Blog - Date published: February 11, 2013 | 3 Comments

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  1. ben said:

    Thanks for checking out my software, I’m glad you enjoyed it! A shame I couldn’t spend more time on it. I’m still happily using Lua and procedural generation (but in 2D this time) in my game http://moonman.io (currently under development). :)

  2. 020200 said:

    Hi Ben. You are welcome. I am also enjoying Lua a lot, currently working on a “Projection Mapping”-Software in Love2D (http://www.nodepond.com/blog/383-projection-mapping-giydaplan12-cologne) and some framework-stuff for FabLabs (http://www.nodepond.com/luacrumbs). Hm.. I am also into games and visual / procedural stuff. Hey, let stick together online in little bit, I would say. Maybe Fugu will also profit from it. (I am currently playing around with it a little bit…)

  3. ben said:

    Cheers. Interesting projects you’ve got there!