Ok, I am not the type of guy, who uses desktop wallpapers, in favour of plain, non-distracting colors. But I am the type of guy, deeply in love with pixel-art and retro-game graphics. No wonder, that I appreciate Desktopgaming. It is a collection of “Wallpapers” made of old games, including maps and level-mappings. As you might now… it’s some sort of difficult to display 2d-maps of whole levels properly on the screen in most cases. Many of the custom artworks on desktopgaming nevertheless found good ways to fall into the gaming-worlds, just without overdoing it. With clean and plausible elements, that give a picture of the whole.


via 1000ff [via Bonoboblogs]

Blog - Date published: February 6, 2009 | 5 Comments

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  1. ume-1 said:

    Just a general comment, your blog rules! Keep up the good work. I check this everyday for ideas and inspiration.

  2. Martin Wisniowski said:

    Many thanks!!

  3. james said:

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  4. Martin Wisniowski said:

    @james: Oh, that site seems to be surprisingly popular.

  5. Dimitar said:

    I love such kind of simplicity!