A wii-controller patch to get the Nintendo Wiimote control max-applications made by Masayuki Akamatsu.

Update: There is a newer version of a Nintendo Wii Remote Handler, called disis.aka.wiiremote, that is build upon that patch.

A first sample application (currently only available for Mac OS X) is the Wii Loop Machine done by Yann Seznec.

Blog - Date published: April 4, 2007 | 3 Comments

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  1. Lachlan said:


    Looks great. Do you know if anyone’s developed a Jitter patch to be able to use the IR Camera as a video input?

  2. Hello Lachlan.

    I don’t know spontaneously if there is an Jitterpatch like the one you search. Did you also tried to search the Cycling74-forums? http://www.cycling74.com/forums/

    Anyway, some neat similar things you can do, if you got that patch:

  3. Sam said:

    This thread is quite stale, but still, for any future users:

    The use of the Wiimote IR camera as a camera is not possible using any of the available libraries, as the Wiimote uses a system-on-a-chip to process image data from the camera on the device – the only data transmitted via bluetooth are the pixel coordinates of the 4 strongest points of IR light in the camera’s FOV.