The Post Bitmap Scripter is an interesting project from the guys with that hard to remember name They unfortunatelly don’t have that tool ready to download or use, but the concept is really interesting. It makes abstract and reduced versions of bitmap or pixelfonts and converts it into lines. A very friendly approach. Just see the picture below.

“Typefaces undergo a complex degradation procedure to be displayed as accurately as possible on screen via bitmap font files. Written in Macromedia Director, the PostBitmapScripter (PBS) type generator attempts to work the opposite way by using a simplistic enhancement routine to attempt a recreation of the original typeface from bitmap sources.”


Update: Florian Jennett send me the link to a similar application.

Blog - Date published: April 16, 2007 | 2 Comments

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  1. Funny, this is very similar to what i did based on … see here:

  2. Great. Thank for the link. Svg instantly ready for use. :)