A surprising toolkit from Natrium42. You can plug and control your DS and use it as a robot. To make use of it you wil need some fair amount to prerequisites. That is besides the DS itself the ability to run homebrew on it. In addition you need the DSerial2 and some tools like screwdriver etc. With the RoboDS you can place your DS onto some neat robotseat controllable via WiFi and webbrowser. Be sure to check out this amazing demo.

The toolkit costs 119$, available at the natrium-store and includes:

– 2 standard-size servos, double ball-bearing
– Wheels and caster
– Heavy-duty polycarbonate base (transparent, tinted black)
– Assembly hardware (bolts, servo brackets, etc…)
– 4 x AA NiMH batteries (total of 2500mAh, 4.8V), voltage is readable from DS
– Universal NiMH quick charger, 110-230V
– Power cables for Europe and America
– Car adapter
– Servo adapter for DSerial2

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