Well, I am not totally convinced of this App for the iPhone, but it looks neat. A guy called Deadmau5 created this application for the iPhone, probably to promote his music. It is some sort of dj-system, that lets you pitch and mix music. Or not music at all, but the 10 tracks/loops, that Deadmau5 pre-packaged on this application. The ability to fully customize is not given, you are “locked” to only do some “remix-grooves” with that app. Nevertheless a nice idea, that comes for 2.39 Euro. More infos on that at the Touch Mix Website.

via De:Bug

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  1. Matt said:

    JSYK, Deadmau5 is pretty hot shit lately in the electronic music scene, and apparently is a long-time code tinkerer & gearhead, so this *shouldn’t* be total crap.