Good, I have to try out this tool and at the same time suggest it to you. It is a *useful tool* and also got a very subtle kind of humor. Tools with humor? How does it work?

Write or die is meant for people who procrastinate lot or spend hours and hours slowly writing texts. This one will get you going. It supervises the words you type and measures the time of not. If the timeout is getting too big, you will be punished.

You begin your session by selecting the mode you want to work with: Select number of words, maximum session-time (=deadline?) and sort of evil-mode. The letter tells you, what kind of punishment you want, if you do not write, write, write like a slave (like me right know). The default mode is, that an “evil” sound will play on procrastination (I don’t think that sound is that bad / the sounds also differ). The most evil mode will delete the last words you typed, if you stop writing – so don’t answer the phone!

To be honest, you have to try this! This is really *useful*! And an interesting experience as well. I would doubt, that it enhances the quality of work in general, but in certain moods this can be really satisfying. Some people suggested to also implement “Design or Die”-modes into graphic software like Photoshop or Illustrator. Unfortunately this would not work at coding jobs… because there you have to think more!


The tools from Dr. Wicked generally focus on writing tasks. He goes:

Welcome to the Writing Lab, Applications for Authors. Actual help for the floundering ones, no namby-pamby advice. Utilities that help you get writing done, and tools to help you with the deeply annoying parts of the editing process.

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