Andre LaMothe is the creator of the XGameStation, a do it yourself kit for making your own gaming console. Yes, I am talking about hardware here. Get the technical details for example for the XGameStation Micro Edition on the website. On a meta level this console kit is about the following:

“Imagine understanding how video game systems are designed and developed at an engineer’s level. Imagine writing your own games for a piece of hardware you’re personally capable of building. This isn’t a field trip to the factory — this is decades of video game hardware development boot camp compressed into a single product designed to upgrade your brain and take you to the next level of skill and understanding. It was estimated that only 100-200 people on the entire planet understood the workings of the legendary Atari 2600 and its design. What if you could design machines like this and beyond?”


If you want to dive into self-written games on your custom console then you will prefer HYDRA.

“The HYDRA Game Development Kit is a complete edutainment platform to learn multiprocessing game development, graphics and media applications on the HYDRA Game Console. Based on the new Parallax multiprocessing Propeller Chip. For beginner to intermediate coders, you need only basic programming experience in any BASIC or C-like language to get started with the kit. The HYDRA Game Console is based on a socketed 40-Pin dip version of the new Parallax Multiprocessing Propeller Chip. The Propeller chip is simplified cell processor very similar in concept to the Sony ‘Cell Processor’ used in the Playstation 3.”


Pictures and quotes from XGameStaion website

Blog - Date published: June 26, 2007 | 5 Comments

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  1. frustrated man said:

    I’ve been programming for 25 years – started with a comodore 64. I’ve tried web-searching and documentation reading several times – still can’t figure out how to just enter a simple hello world program into the hydra. I’m right where i was when I opened the package. my son’s given up. I’m about to toss the (rather expensive) thing out the window.

  2. Well, I don’t know. I never programed the Hyrda at any time. Aren’t there any placed on the web to get help on this one?

  3. JustaThought said:

    frustrated man,

    I I would check out the Parallax website. They developed the propeller chip and generally have free info on their website. Also, they offer incredible support on any of their products whether or not you purchased from them directly. Hope this helps.

  4. I think you mean that website: http://www.parallax.com/propeller/

  5. jeff said:

    incredible support? scro, i bought my kit at fry’s. the low-quality knock-off nintendo controllers wouldn’t even fit into the sockets on the motherboard. i had to roll up to my nearest swap meet and buy some genuine (albeit secondhand) real nintendo controllers.

    i emailed them about it last year and never heard a word from them.