Echochrome: Optical Illusion Gameplay.

Games for playstation with only one color are extremely rare. I simply can only remember Vib Ribbon and Rez that dropped the highlighted grafics and forced all attention to the gameplay. The coming title Echochrome does similar with an outstanding simple gameplay. There is a man wandering in an “optical illusion” landscape. In the game you have to rotate the scene in that way, that the fellow wanderer will get his way through. Watch a video of the gameplay.


Blog - Date published: July 18, 2007 | 3 Comments

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  1. Andrew Knott said:

    I love this… So very clever.

  2. That’s f@&#§*$ brilliant! Hmmm. Playstation 3. Oh, cool. It’ll run on the PSP! Now I can actually use it to play 3 games (i.e. other than for playing Katamari & LocoRoco, my PSP is just gathering dust).

  3. Word up! :)

    You can also make use of your PSP to also run homebrew on it. ;)