Brilliant Pixelartists don’t fall from trees. But there are people who know just how to place the right colors on the right places. Sven Ruthner is such a man. The demoscener known under the alias Ptoing just got the right feel for colors and for intense shapes and proportions. The illustrator works with different media, but is also very enthusiastic about vintage homecomputers, like using C64, Amiga or Spectrum ZX. Here are some of his works. Thanks Sven for your kind permission to post this stuff!

Dig into the works from Ptoing. It is really worth the time!! He’s got a website and a blog.

Update: Sven told me, that he surely is in love with – the old computers – but mainly works with a software called Cosmigo Pro Motion. Thanks for the hint!

Detail (scaled down) of a collaboration made with Martin Wörister.

A original work made on the C64.

And some faces made on Spectrum ZX.

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