Berlin Kiosk is a kind of jigsaw puzzle, that grew out of an illustraion-class at the UDK Berlin, led by EBoy. The core of the Project “Berlin Kiosk” are products, that you are able to buy at normal kiosk in reality – but as “pixelized” version, printed on wooden blocks. The initial design of the objects came from the famous Berlin Kiosks in underground-stations, where you can buy goods on the go.

From this kiosks, there is a lot to learn about complexity, diversity lack of space and the need for reduction.

Each single object has got two products: one on each side. Each set contains of 112 pieces. In total over 300 products were pixelized – ready to build you real-world-pixel-kiosk. Sweet, I love this humor.

Berlin Kiosk was made by Max Mondon. There was also a book released, but at first you will like to linger in the flickr-fotostream of this project.



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