Good news for everyone who develops Ruby on Rails applications on Windows machines. There is finally a Rails-IDE available, that is lightweight, sharp designed, with a good performance (not such a bloated monster). And best of all, it comes for free. Uh. The name is RoRED.

I always looked jealous to the Apple-coders, because with Text-Mate they seem to have a good Ruby on Rails development tool. Other editors (also for PC) all claim to be the best, but in my view all lacked on something. Whether it be poor design or absurd pricing and licencing models. All gone, thanks to RoRED. Like it said on the Website: “It contains the features you need as a Ruby on Rails developer, but without the cruft.” Word. If you like it, they accept donations.

Blog - Date published: March 7, 2009 | 2 Comments

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  1. Nice! But the typography is cancer-inducing.

  2. Uhm, what exactly do you mean? The colors?