Done. Gave some credit to the designer of the “Twitter bird”. He sold this artwork via a stock-service (iStockphoto) for about 2 – 8 Dollars, Wired says. At least all legal.

Oxley at first did not even noticed, that his bird was used for Twitter – he got aware of it, as some staff member was asking him, if he can animate the bird. That was back in the days, when Twitter was not popular like today.

Oxley seems to be a fair kind of guy. He kindly asked, if they could gave him credit for the design at the webpage on Twitter. It did not happen. Still all is legal. He is fully aware of the things, that are happening. As asked, if he is happy with the situation or if he feels hurt, Simon Oxley said something beautiful:

“I believe a designer can only be ‘hurt’ when they stand in line – instead of constantly seeking new inspiration and producing new things with their ever-increasing experiences.”

And here is Simons Webpage: I do Kung Foo.

(via Wired)

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