The NES-Emulator FCEUX got an interesting feature, that I did not seen anywhere else. With drag and drop you are able to move single objects and sprites where you want the to be. Oh lord! Never have to mess around with screaming nerves on that ugly unfair area, you are unable to solve – and you always loose all of your remaining lives. Want to get rid of this stinking enemy? Just throw that guy into the wall!
Somehow this feature also adds a layer of meta-gaming into the NES-games. Literally re-play your old and favourite games. Hm… like an level editor in the fly. Or new multiplayer-modes: one on mouse, the other on joypad/keyboard. Really interesting thing. Have to mess around with it.

via Superlevel, Retromag

UPDATE: Thanks Peter for putting the link to THAT one. The Open Emu looks like it wants to be the most sophisticated emulator around. Also with lots of experimental type of functionality, that will make exploring games fun. Just look at this screenie of the upcoming stuff:


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  1. Frank said:

    That’s really distorting. Sort of discovering a completely new level of accessing a game, like back then when Game Genie and Actrion Replay Modules were introduced.

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  3. Martin Wisniowski said:

    I do not remember tweeting sprites with the mouse in the action-replay days. As far as I remember you were mainly able to tweak counters and save states (that emulators do also well).

    If Game Genie had, let’s call it re-discovering.

  4. peter said:

    Wait till open emu gets cooking:

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