Pacman physics is a Pacman remake. Or better a deconstruction of the game. If we already talk of “games as art“, there could be nothing better than this game, to show some aspects, that are at least important to me.

pacman physics
Pacman Physics short after start of the game.

A Korean developer made this fun version of Pacman. He applied all static elements of the regular Pacman game with gravity. That means, that walls, pellets, ghosts and pacman itself will fall to the ground. The ghosts are still chasing pacman. Pacman still have to collect all pellets. One difference was made with the wonderpills. The do not make the ghosts eatable, but changes the direction of gravity. Good, that’s for the concepts. But… what about gameplay? What about fun?

I think that is the biggest drawback in the game. The concept, design and implementation is quite good. The result you will definitely consider as art. But for my very taste, art games also have to be fun at playing. That is what gaming is about, isn’t it? What do I need a game, that is fun to look at, but does not have a replay value? I think this is a new, if not the new area, that art has to come for. To get into. Just besides pixelling retro-characters on walls or paintings. But… to give respect to the developer: Pacman Physics was made on one day, so everything is fine in the end.

Try it out: Download Pacman Physics

Unless you like to fiddle with this Korean website, until you find the green download-link, you better take on with that mirror-file of Pacman Physics.

(via Indiegames)

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  1. Torley said:

    Ha! And I thought Ventrella’s Gravity Tetris was fun… what a twist! Those ghosts are sure going @#$% right about now.

  2. 020200 said:

    Hey, thanks Torley. I think physics can jazz up a lot of all this good old game, we “used” to know. ;)

  3. Torley said:


    BTW, if it serves your purposes, makes it easy to automatically post a link to each of your Digital Tools’ blog posts to Twitter.

  4. 020200 said:

    [Offbeat ON]
    Yeah, I know this stuff. But I think this would be a little annoying for the twitterers. Twitter is not an RSS-Feed in my opinion…
    [Offbeat OFF]