Less is more, really.

King is a perfect casual game for download. The design is clear, everything fits and it is quite minimal. You play the “King”, in order to destroy all enemies in your kingdom (I have to guess the story a little bit, because I do not understand Japanese). Well, you are the King!

Most of the levels just have one single-screen and the levels are designed very concise. There are different types of enemies, that have different basic abilities, like jumping or throwing things around. The level of difficulty is increasing, just in the perfect rate. New enemies are introduced, just at the right time. The style of the graphics is as minimal as the overall design – perfect in details. Soundeffects are as well.


What makes this game tricky are the controls, that are hard to master, but they are fair and concise, so mastering is possible. For people like me, who can not read the manual (because it is in Japanese) one helpful word of advise (but the excellent leveldesign will also get you there): If you jump on an enemy, while holding the “down” key, you will make a small jump. If you are able to press “jump” exactly at the same time you hit the enemy, it will be instantly destroyed, while you are rewarded with a “giant jump”. You know that eventually from Super Mario. Just look at the screenshots, how well designed this game is. It’s magic. Don’t forget that you are the King!

The game sometimes reminds me on Super Mario, sometimes on Bubble Bobble, although it is totally different. “King” features a global high-score, that is connected to a gameserver and is loaded dynamically. Until now I played till level 67, so I guess there are 100 of them. Sometimes it is brutal hard, but remains fair. After playing I had to give my pulse a little bit of ventilation.

You download the game here. (via)

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  1. The game is nice but one thing makes me sad: why isn’t it in Flash. Seriously! There is no reason.

  2. 020200 said:

    Flash is not everything.