Screenshots from 2000er Music Tech V2.0 Game Boy

Chipmusic-musician and music-lecturer Pixelh8 decided to put up a free-for-download version of the software-synths he made for GameBoy Advanced and Nintendo DS, called the “Music Tech Pro Performer“. He says, that already music-students of his lectures use the software. But he is “getting more involved in music education and software it’s nice to see something being used by lots of people instead of just me and few others.” Well, pragmatic thinking? At least, the software is free for download, but you should be aware, that the copyright remains at Pixelh8. Yes, you can use it in music productions, but no you can’t use the sounds for making sound-libraries or distribute the software yourself. (via)

Music Tech Pro Performer Nintendo DS / GBA

Blog - Date published: April 15, 2009 | 6 Comments

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  1. peter said:

    Wait so he is claiming copyright on the papu chip? Is that even possible?

  2. 020200 said:

    Hm, an interesting question. I think he is more about “that characteristic sound of my software is copyright protected”. But is this possible? Sounds a little like the mechanism of software patent protection..

  3. Pixelh8 said:

    Hello, firstly thanks for spreading the word, I hope it gets picked up by your readers.

    No the only restriction on the software really is the sounds recorded from the software are not to be used in sample libraries, primarily comercial. Because the whole reason of the software was to make it a real time instrument based on a familiar interface. (Turn your game skills into music skills)

    You might ask the question, how will I know, but a simple audio analysis of a sample will very quickly reveal if it was produced by my software.
    It has one minute distinct quality :)

    The reason I control the distribution is so that if it is not compatible with some cartridges I will be able to update the code.

    The software design is fully copyright protected.

    Thanks for listening.



  4. 020200 said:

    Well, thanks for clearing this out. We didn’t want to imply any bad intensions. But thinking about it can be also very interesting. ;)

  5. Pixelh8 said:


  6. goto80 said:

    eh, is it possible to claim any kind of ownership to something that another person creates using a tool that you made? or is it some kind of license thing? i don’t get it?